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Publications: Environmental Law

May 11, 2016 Deadline to Post Proposition 65 Warnings for Food and Beverage-Based BPA Exposures, RJO Update, April 2016, by Renee D. Wasserman and Suhani Kamdar

The U.S. Supreme Court Stays the Implementation of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan Pending the Completion of All Legal Challenges, RJO Update, Mar. 2016, by Robert C. Goodman and Nicholas T. Niiro

Citizen Guide for Effective Participation in Hydropower Licensing Before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Hydropower Reform Coalition, Nov. 2015, by Nicholas T. Niiro (co-authored)

Mitigating the Adverse Effects of Hydropower Projects: A Comparative Review of River Restoration and Hydropower Regulation in Sweden and the United States, (PDF) The Georgetown Int’l Envtl. Law Review, Vol. 27:251, Apr. 2015, by Nicholas T. Niiro (co-authored)

California State Water Resources Control Board Adopts Regulations to Speed up Review of Petitions Challenging Regional Water Board Actions, (PDF) RJO Update, November 2014, by Robert C. Goodman and D. Kevin Shipp

Proposed Reform to California's Proposition 65 Warning Regulations Adds Complication for Most Companies but Some Relief to Small Retailers, (PDF) RJO Update, April 2014, by Renee D. Wasserman and Walter S. Chen

Local Agencies in California Given New Powers to Investigate and Clean Up Blighted Property: What it Means for Property Owners and the Regulated Community, (PDF) RJO Update, January 2014, by Robert C. Goodman and D. Kevin Shipp

California's New Low-Threat Underground Storage Tank Case Closure Policy (PDF) RJO Update, August 2012 by Robert C. Goodman and Ann M. Blessing

Regulatory Issues Highlighted at AGC Forum (PDF)
Panelists Discuss Impacts to Contractors from Cal/OSHA's Multi-Employer Worksite Rule, Prop 65, New Water and Air Regulations
California Constructor, June 2008
by Robert C. Goodman

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