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Publications: Retail Industry Trade Regulation

New Proposition 65 Warning Regulations Adopted, RJO Update, September 2016, by Renee D. Wasserman and Alecia E. Cotton

May 11, 2016 Deadline to Post Proposition 65 Warnings for Food and Beverage-Based BPA Exposures, RJO Update, April 2016, by Renee D. Wasserman and Suhani Kamdar. See Re-adoption of BPA Emergency Regulation as of 9/16/2016

Proposed Reform to California's Proposition 65 Warning Regulations Adds Complication for Most Companies but Some Relief to Small Retailers, (PDF) RJO Update, April 2014, by Renee D. Wasserman and Walter S. Chen

FDA Proposes Regulations for Electronic Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products, (PDF) RJO Update, April 2014, by Renee D. Wasserman, Alexis J. Morris and Suhani Kamdar

California Offers Relief to Retailers Seeking to Reverse Distribute Pharmaceuticals, (PDF) RJO Update, December 2012, by Renee D. Wasserman, Robert C. Goodman and Walter S. Chen

California Offers Protection and San Francisco Adds New Responsibilities Under Disabled Access Laws (PDF) RJO Update, October 2012, by Aaron P. Silberman, Dennis C. Huie and Christine S. Liyanto

Federal and California Regulation of Lead and Phthalates in Children's Products (PDF) The Bar Association of San Francisco, Winter 2009, by James Robert Maxwell

"Bounty Hunting" - Retail Trade, Unfair Competition Act, Business and Professions Code 17200, California Law Business, June 30, 1997, by Renée D. Wasserman